Sunday, March 6, 2011

Adding a Wedding Arch

Give your beach wedding a focal point by using an arch. Add decorative elements in your wedding colors or items with a beach theme to the arch. The scenic view of the beach is the perfect backdrop for your wedding, but let the arch create an ideal spot to frame your wedding photos.

Bamboo Canopy
We use a canopy made of bamboo poles for your beach wedding. This style is similar to the bamboo arbor, but is more three-dimensional with a cover. This can be draped in fabric on the top and sides. This elegant look can be further decorated by setting decorative pots full of flowers or greenery on short columns next to the four poles of the canopy.

Bamboo Arbor or Screen
We use an arbor made of bamboo to create a simple arch with clean lines instead of a curve. The arbor is made of four long bamboo poles that, when connected, create more of a square-shaped arch. It can be draped with fabric, flowers or greenery along the top and/or sides of the bamboo poles. To give it a screen appearance, hang strings of shells, crystal, mirrors or beads from the top.

We strive to provide the best beach wedding and wedding ceremony on the cost. Our beach wedding arch setups are comprised of natural Bamboo, beautiful silk flowers and green foliage to create a fantastic beach wedding setup. Our flower wedding arbors are designed with sheer or colored material of your choice and customed designed with flowers, greens and beach wedding decorations.

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Lindsay said...

Hi, I came across your blog while researching wedding arches, and I love your bamboo ones. Is there a way I could rent one from you? Please let me know, thanks!

Wenni Donna said...

Great idea about adding a wedding arc. Really liked this and will surely add it to my wedding too. We have booked of awesome Seattle Wedding venues. Working hard to make it truly memorable and special for everyone.